Dangerous Driving


This is a serious charge.  The prosecution must prove that the manner of driving fell far below the standard of a competent and careful driver.  You do not necessarily need to have had an accident for this charge to arise but normally the prosecution would have to establish a potential danger or that your driving was so bad that your posed a danger to yourself or indeed other drivers.

The penalties are severe.  If convicted, you face a ban of a minimum of 12 months as well as probably having to take an extended driving re-test.  You would also be likely to receive a large fine.  There is no upper limit and a custodial sentence of up to two years in jail is available for the most serious of offences.

Whether your driving falls under this section of the Act is a matter of the particular facts and circumstances of your case.  We can assist you in persuading the Court to apply the correct test and take into account all relevant factors, including the road conditions, the expertise of the person making the allegation of dangerous driving against you and the conduct of the other drivers at the time.

Very often the evidence of ‘dangerous driving’ comes from police officers.  At Driver Defender we utilise the expertise of several retired Senior Police Officers who can provide independent expert evidence which can be led on your behalf to support your position.

The lesser offence of careless driving is an implied alternative to a charge of dangerous driving where it is not accepted after evidence is heard that a charge of dangerous driving has been made out.  This is important since a charge of careless driving does not carry an automatic disqualification of 12 months.  Input from an independent Road Traffic Expert, which we at Driver Defender have regular access to, can often be utilised to persuade the prosecution to accept a plea to careless driving instead of dangerous driving thus saving your driving licence.


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